February 16, 2012   1 note

WINTER WHITE :: Simplicity at your table

It’s difficult to walk through ABC Home and not fall in love with everything you see. The merchandising is immaculate, yet comfortable, and the sheer variety is amazing. While I was in the store the other day, I noticed there were several displays of their beautiful white ware. As much as I love color, I prefer to have my dinnerware to be white, as it creates a blank canvas. One can mix white dishes from Wedgwood, Crate & Barrel, and Ikea seamlessly—the color is available by almost every company. White dishes leave the setting neutral, allowing the tablecloth, candles, and flowers to dictate the overall visual look of the table. Even if you’re sitting in your living room floor with Chinese takeout, a simple white dish and chopsticks make it seem more like a specially prepared dinner. 

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